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Sunday April 21, 2024

Hi Guys,

We have come to the end of the road for reporting this Abib Calendar Cycle what with it being the second month, and the 4th week of the harvest. It has been a great run this cycle with Father providing more evidence of the change of the year than in any other year we have ever had the privilege of witnessing to for the past 26 years. Actually quite astounding as you old timers know.

So we will be ending this cycle with the post from our friends at the IMS who do an amazing job in assisting with all their rain data and insights, and historical record reporting.

As you read through this report they have posted for the upcoming Passover of Judaism this week you will need to take a deep breath as you read the projected record temperatures for their Passover week.

Yes, for those of you who do not use Celsius but Fahrenheit that is 104 to 113 degrees. That is the consensus of our 3 meteorological reporting agencies.

Once again Father has shown it is the dead of summer and in doing so put a nail in the coffin of what was right, not who was right.

Thank you Father!

Until next October or so from the crew here at abibofgod: our peace we give to you!


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