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Sabbath May 20, 2023

Happy Sabbath to All!

We hope this past weeks count to this the 6th perfect Sabbath in it has been instructive to you in your personal understanding and standing in the harvest of our Savior.

For the past two and a half weeks the standing grain both barley and wheat has been under the threshing phase of this years grain harvest. That is the primary function centered around it this week as well as it has intensified into the flour phase after having completed the silage first and then the bailing for feed phases in the primary grain growing regions. That is the same pattern year after year in Israel. The first two are relevant to the dairy operations and the 3rd one to making flour after the combines have collected the seeds from the standing grain.

The wheat has been standing ready for many weeks as we have demonstrated in photos and is approaching the time it may start to fall thus the intensity to the harvest of it takes front and center priority now. All the summer crops are coming along nicely in the sequence as well.

So we have just a few of the many pictures capturing this in our first 6 posts with the last of the 6 looking at some of the departing white stork friends as they are finishing up their migration journey through the Land.

Then a couple of "reminder" photos of the look of the Land as of today.

Then a follow up look at the vineyards at our friends at Galai winery. All are looking good and right on schedule for a harvest to start in August.

This past week I have received some emails from brethren who are asking about some stuff which is so deluded it is sad. Paula sent one over about grapes being the defining harvest of Pentecost. She did a good job sorting through it. Maybe I will do a post on the lunacy of believing such things. Yes, another "one word" doctrine and that Greek word being completely stomped on and crushed. (That's a grape pun) But then there are the same old, same olds.

So I have taken an excerpt (if you want to read it all let me know) out of an article I wrote for some brethren about the upside down translation of Moses seat. And yes, it contains the actual Greek to English translations which start off Christ/Messiah's smack down of the "fake" teachers of the day.

Matthew 23 and the very Big Picture to follow

Matthew 23 gives us some very sobering lessons in Christ/Messiah’s publicly addressing the errors of those who would be religious leaders of His time. Remember these are the same guys He sad were sons of the devil. We too are to follow His example in this, but unfortunately many have been brainwashed by little “c” Christianity’s perverted view of such things. The dumb sheep are supposed to pray and pay and shut their mouths while the elites do all the talking. Not quite, eh!

Notice what the Lamb of Fathers household starts out with here. It is a public rebuke of the leaders of an evil and adulterous generation. Sorry if that is too harsh for some of you, time to grow up I imagine.

Let’s just have Christ/Messiah instruct us in how this is to be done, and when it is to be done, and why it is to be done. Three very important Categories of instruction! A wonderful pattern for following the Lamb of Fathers Household wherever He goes. Either we believe Him and His instructions to us as our spiritual Head and Teacher, or we do not. Our calling is not about unity, it is about OBEDIENCE to Him and Father above all else.

Matthew 23:1-33 will be the context of this very important instruction.

Let’s cover when it is to be done first.

It is when crowds of people and disciples of Christ/Messiah are being led astray into false understandings just like in the Abib Calendar crowd which includes His disciples. He corrected such things publicly and did not leave any wiggle room whatsoever. In Matthew 23:1-12 look at all the corrective setting He gives before He drops the hammer on the false leaders of the time. We are to do the same thing in following Him wherever He goes?

Then Jesus spoke to the crowd and to His disciples, saying: The scribes and the Pharisees sat down on Moses’ seat. Therefore whatever he (Moses, not they, #846 autos) told (not tells, for it is referring to what Moses had said. The Greek verb “epo” #2036 is used here and in so doing, only in the past tenses.) you observe and do, but do not do according to their (Judaism’s) works; for they say, and do not do.

In summary here Christ/Messiah is talking to the crowd and His disciples and instructing them to only do what Pharisees (followers of Judaism at that time and not the commandments of Elohim) say to do, if in fact Moses had said the same thing. If not, do not do it. If you did not know it; Judaism is not, and was not, the religion of Moses. Vines tells us this pronoun “autos” is translated with the intent of: “he himself and no other.” And now Christ/Messiah goes on to crush these fake and phony, self-appointed representatives of traditions and commandments of men.

It is hard to believe there are still people out there who instruct that we are all to follow the Rabbinical calendar because of this terrible translation by the little “c” Protestant Translators. Christ/Messiah goes on to put the nail in their coffin so to speak in a very public way so there is no possible way a person who houses the spirit of Elohim can misunderstand that He is the teacher and they are frauds which instruct in evil functions of men.

Our peace we give to you!


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