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Sabbath May 27, 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to all!

Once again we will be finishing up another very personal count of seven perfect Sabbaths today. We are to guard them to insure their accuracy. The 49 days of the early harvest of barley, the humble grain with its 14 chromosomes is completed then.

The spiritual reality of these 49 days, comprising the perfect creation week count of days times 7; is something to strive for and hope to be included in.

The farming community is going through a wrap up of this years grain harvest. As you have witnesses once again through our chronicling of these events for the past 5 months barley and wheat mature at the same rate if planted at the same time from the middle of October through the beginning of December. If you have not noticed it in the past, that spans a 7 week planting season. Thus we have a 7 week harvest season.

It is heartbreaking to many of us who have been conducting our relationship with Father and Christ/Messiah based on the Abib Calendar for all these years to witness how many are being turned aside to believe the lying wonders and strong delusion of the parasites which have attached themselves to the body of Christ. Parasites because they are sucking the spiritual life out of their victims.

Paul tells us why this is happening at this time in the second chapter of 2 Thessalonians. You may want to review it often to get your bearings about this time frame in the Plan of Salvation.

With today being the wrap up pf the commanded 7 perfect Sabbath count harvest we thought we would post some of the pictures depicting it from around the Promised Land. And then a couple of others which give an accurate summary of the look of the Land.

Summer vegetables are heavy on the harvest schedule now as long as they have and are being irrigated heavily. It looks like a little rain ahead for Sunday to Tuesday is a possibility. The Land can use it! Thank you Father.

Now we are about to enter the 50th day, the Jubilee of the Bride of Christ/Messiah, the eternal helpmate in Fathers household. That is why we are to call it Pentecost. Three amazing events take place on it with sunset tonight.

We have those having matured during the count to the Feast of Weeks being recognized and rewarded, those who have remained faithful to both Marriage Covenant terms and conditions. Pentecost is fulfilled in these leaven free participants.

And then we have the folks who did well, but did not excel as Proverbs 31 instructs us. But their efforts also hold out hope in Fathers household. That is why we have the symbolism of the firstfruits of the leavened wheat harvest starting after the completion of the early leaven free, humble harvest of barley.

May the spiritual reality of these epic events happen soon.

Our peace we give to you!


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