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Sabbath October 22, 2022

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to All!

We are hoping you have all made it back to your homes after having a good FOT and festival season. It has been busy for us all here.

Attached is a report of what is expected in the Land from our friends at the IMS.

It is also very gratifying to see and hear some folks reporting on these early rains in the Land who have an understanding of the Abib Cycle. We need more of that for the Body to be educated in the patterns.

It will be interesting to see the amounts and in what locations these rains have taken place as they come to an end. They are well needed in all the grain growing areas of the country. This is what preps the soils for all the right organisms to multiply which helps seeds to germinate after planting, or in the case of the wild grains, to think about waking up in the ground they have self seeded in. We will track them and post what the results are. If substantial in some areas that will be a good indicator of things to come. Not a complete positive, but indicator. The faucet can stop just as quickly as it starts in the Promised Land.

Keep an eye open now for farmers putting in grain fields. Hope you have a safe and peaceful Sabbath rest.


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