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Sabbath September 2, 2023

Happy Sabbath to All! We hope you are safe and sound in the enclosure we know as the Sabbath. Our Savior is the Lord of it. Thus a wonderful sheep fold for those who recognize His voice. Our friends at the Gvaot Winery are now into harvesting their Merlot grape variety which is my personal favorite. The link below should take you to their site. The grape harvest is marching along in perfect step and harmony with the Abib Calendar Cycle this year. Remember that cycle all starts with the Harvest of the First of the Firstfruit Wavesheaf offering during the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the first month of the Biblical Calendar which is called the Month of Abib. If you get the start wrong everything else will not line up. That is why you get some desperate prognosticators attempting to keep their followers in line by printing and posting completely false information. So, yes to you guys who have brought that incident up, and no, I decided to not address it at the time but to see where it would go. I see it has been addressed by several others. The olive harvest is just like all the other harvests in Israel. It does not start until there is an early location with adequate amounts of ripe fruit. Everything in the Land has a firstfruit offering associated with it. That is a simple fact and pattern in scripture and in creation. Those early locations are located in the lower elevations which have a majority soil composition consisting of stone, mixed in with the dirt. That is the pattern in part. We have explained all the reasons why but not today. At this time none of the traditionally early locations are at that maturity level. Give them another week or so and we may see some of them come to meet harvest standards. They are all hand picked to keep the trees from sustaining damage. The lower branches have mature fruit before the upper ones in many varieties. That is why in ancient times the upper branches were left until after the Feast of Tabernacles and then were harvested by people using long sticks and beating them off. Spiritual lessons there, eh! Some of you old timers to this Abib Calendar walk are saying yes we know that from your own studies, and you have addressed this multiple times over the years. Well, it is not for you guys, but for all the youngsters to this walk who are being fed sugar water mixed with falsehoods in a vain attempt to get them locked up into their folds, and away from the mature of the flock. We are our brothers keepers at the very least here at the end of the age. And don't forget Father makes us all kin, and Christ chooses from those Father has drawn to Him who will go beyond that simple relationship and enter the qualifying process of the Bride in Fathers Household, for we are to be of His body thus One with Him. We hope you are all looking forward to Fathers decision as to which day will start the 7th month here during the Gregorian month of September. Keep in mind the very first opportunity to see the new crescent in Jerusalem is the evening of September 16th. That is the 29th day of this current cycle. With a 125 visibility rating on the algorithms we use it is not a done deal. It will be seen if conditions are "normal" in Jerusalem, that being a normal haze line and no high elevation cloud cover. Lower fluffy type clouds always lend a hope for it to appear between them. (14 Sep 5:47 5:42 0.23 93.93 100.6 -1.77 0.87 -7.593 Not Visible 15 Sep 5:46 6:07 0.36 93.48 90.62 3.72 -4.73 44.03 Not Visible 16 Sep 5:44 6:32 2.35 93.03 80.41 9.14 -10.3 125.3 Visible First Day of Month is Sunday, 17 Sep 2023 CE) Bruce's algorithms are a blessing to the flock. Keep in mind these do not take into consideration haze or cloud cover. They are calculated from an observation point in Jerusalem and are the mathematics associated with the perfect time pieces in the sky as Genesis describes to us. Still stunning that the queen of the north still has people throwing money and adoration at her after telling them they do not need to use the two luminaries created for that purpose, or any of the physics and math embedded in them from creation to instruct us. We are quickly approaching the season for rejoicing in the 7th month. Keep safe in our Lord and Savior. Our peace we give to you.


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