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Sabbath, September 24, 2022

Good Morning All and Happy Sabbath!

We are hoping you are mastering the events of our time and following the Lamb wherever He goes. The horizon is covered in motions of chaos and confusion to those who do not hold the truth of Father in our bosoms.

We find ourselves watching the end of the grape harvest right on time for the keeping of the annual rehearsal we call Feast of Trumpets. Some call it by other names but it is all addressing the same day so do not get caught up in some brain dead discussion of that sort for they are a trap to distract us from what is really important. Be happy!

When thinking about that day my personal thoughts turn to many scriptures depicting the events of the day. The big one, calendar related, was given to us as a reminder by John in Revelation 14:18-20, and so appropriately reflects the time of this day of Trumpets in the timeline of the Abib Calendar harvest cycle as well as in the overall Plan of Salvation.

There have been some really good posts addressing the end of the grape harvest across the Promised Land. Hopefully you are referencing them on your own. A wonderful pattern and witness to clearly show us where we are in the harvest cycle. Unfortunately some have already kept most, if not all of the appointed times of the 7th month, by following a false witness to such things.

Some of you are interested in what the potential dates will be for the next Abib Calendar Cycle. We normally do not post them until after the end of the Festival of Tabernacles/Ingathering but I have attached it to this post. It can be very helpful to some in avoiding some troublesome talk about another start to the year taking place next February. That is pure Biblical idiocy to think it can, just like keeping the Feast of Tabernacles prior to the grape harvest.

There are some minor signs or witnesses yet to come before the big one starts after the Feast. If you follow some of the farming community posts you will see them planting grains by end of October and some into November.


Because they are making sure their wheat and barley seeds are awaiting the annual rains at the end of the current harvest cycle. That is the big witness we are now looking for, the rains. Not a few sprinkles but the soakers which are needed for germination to start.

We hope you have all your expectations and preparations in order for the upcoming appointed times of the 7th Biblical Month.

Keep safe in our Lord and Savior and may you grow in the favor and acceptance of Father and Christ/Messiah.

Potential Festival dates 2023
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