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Saturday March 18, 2023

Happy Sabbath rest to All!

We are hoping you are being wrapped in the peace of our Lord today. What a wonderful blessing has been extended to us all who keep this holy time.

Some of you who have actually followed the weather here in the Land know that Sunday through Tuesday is being forecasted to be rainy. What we will do is make our efforts for this years further evidences to be conducted in the areas we know we have sufficient amounts of acceptable aviv barley.

We will most likely do so for Sunday and Monday to insure we cover the number of locations we have identified to do a closer inspection. We do so, not for ourselves, for we have handled the evidences and seen them with our own eyes. We do so for those who are being pulled back and forth by frauds and non believers who impose rules and commands of men into the process to frighten and intimidate them. It should make every bonified member of the Body of Christ/Messiah very angry that they are doing so with brothers and sisters.

On the brighter side lots of our feathered witnesses are entering the Land. This is a late year for them giving their witness. The folks at Agamon are very concerned that the White Stork numbers are passing them by. They make a lot of their revenue off of them being there. The reason they are passing by is that they have a specific time frame to nest and raise their young in the North of Europe. That is programmed into them. However, not all is lost for many more birds will be dropping in that do not fly to the outer most regions to nest. That is a simple pattern and fact.

We have been seeing swifts, swallows, and listening to the "turtle doves" belting out their mating songs. Brenda made sure we post Agamon Hula's mentioning of the swallows.

Once again the faithful witnesses in creation are giving their witness. A little late for some folks because they went early for the start of the Biblical Year. We have provided all the evidence they should need to correct that action. No witnesses at all from their leader, just staged signs and yes, lets not forget the goat grass.

Two Biblical adages to incorporate in all of this are: we all have to make our own decisions and we are our brothers keeper.

Onward Christian soldiers marching in this war.

Our peace we give to you.


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