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Second Post: Sabbath March 19, 2022

Hi Folks, Some would like us to post current pictures of the Land to substantiate our claims. Usually we ignore such stuff, but it is very relevant to a big mistake being made by some of the brethren, so here are current pictures of what the 4 major growing regions of the country look like as of today. Compare them to what the Land always looks like just prior to the Biblical Passover regardless of a normal year or intercalated year from our videos posted earlier today.

Please remember any one of you with a computer can find these and hundreds of more current pictures from today or the past few days in the Land of Israel. We are without excuse.

The first 2 are of the true north. And yes, that is snow on the ground this past week. Actually on several days.

Then we have 3 from what we call the near north. The area south of the Sea of Galilee up to the Gilboa Mountains. Look to all the distant hillsides as well as the closer views. Green and more green. This is the Jordan Valley in this region.

Then we have the center of the country. That runs from the Jezreel Valley to the Northern Negev. Once again 3 very descriptive photos.

Now we come to the Northern Negev and 2 pictures worth more than a thousand words of deceit. Notice the beautiful domestic barley in the one picture from this morning and the wild barley growing in it. The 2 barley sisters are witnessing to us.

Our Peace we give to you.


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