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Second Post: Sunday March 27, 2022

Good morning once again folks,

Some good news for many of you. Some of the early birds have decided to change their flight plans and stay around for the upcoming start of the Biblical new year.

They have agreed with Fathers amazingly intense reasoning with them this past week of very cold, and in some instances unprecedented winter weather in the Land. They took Proverbs 26:1 personally to heart and have thrown off the shackles of the false claim of the Month of Abib having started in this current lunar cycle.

The other good news is there no longer a need for Father to hold up this cycles growing season. He has mercifully given as obvious a witness as can be given in the Land as to His intentions for the start of the Biblical new year beginning this upcoming New Moon.

Thus, the IMS is reporting clear sailing or in this case flying ahead. The temperatures will increase each day in Jerusalem through this week and by Friday will be in the 80's F/upper 20's C. What a wonderful acclimation to our faith. We must always wait on our Elohim and follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

The other good news for some who read these reports (the queen of the north and her followers) is that you won't be hearing from me that much anymore this cycle. Unless, something of importance comes up like this past weeks long witnessing message from Father.

Happy festival season ahead!


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