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Sunday April 10, 2022

Good Morning to All,

We are hoping the start to your week is going well and full of anticipation of the upcoming Passover/UB festival season.

We have another assortment of photos for you today to keep you in the know of what is taking place in the Land during this growing cycle.

The first 2 are from the center of Israels grain growing districts. Jezreel Valley south into the highlands.

The first one is of a young barley inspectors who's attention was caught by the upper field turning to its end of the growth cycle colors. Lots of stuff in this picture.

Next we have a good shot of what the region looks like in many locations. This one has everything in it. Tares (Darnel) at the bottom of the photo and just right of center doing their fake bow, wild barley in with the domestic grain and outside of it, and of course the domestic grain itself.

Please take note that all of them are at the same stage in the growth cycle. That is because of the soils they are found in which have been subjected to the same meteorological events from Father.

The next photo is from Galina in an area some of you have walked in above the Sea of Galilee. The North is still waiting for its time to change in the upcoming harvest cycle.

Then we have some of the hundreds of pictures online these past few days of flowers. Yes flowers, for some have the audacity to say they are fading as they have been into their fake harvest season for some time now and know the Biblical contradictions of them in their witness in creation.

Please enjoy them as we are rapidly approaching the Passover of our Elohim. Don't forget to examine their content as well to the timing they are found in.

I may have added one twice but they are just beautiful.

Our Peace we give to you!


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