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Sunday April 24, 2022

Happy Wavesheaf Day to those of you keeping it today. That would also put you on the 8th day of the combined total of Passover/UB days. Circumcision of the heart in biblical terms and conditions. What a beautiful picture it paints for us all and for the hope which is in us.

So, with today being the last option for the festival rehearsals of the first month based on using the Abib Calendar criteria we will take a look at an example of the current state of the wild barley growing in good ground in a traditionally early area to remind folks of the very big difference in its timing and appearance as opposed to the goat grass (wild barley growing in stony ground).

Then we will look at what is taking place with it as we move up in elevations across the country.

The beautiful cycle is repeating itself over and over as we move through the 7 week harvest to Pentecost, even as the goat grass has exhausted itself with the lack of rain in its stony environment.

Once again lessons to instruct us from witnesses in creation in the Promised Land.

The first photo is the current state of the early grain fields. Here you can see the humble wild barley bowing before our Creator in among her distant cousin the stiff-necked wheat. Please notice these big heads of wild barley are still in tact through the entire growth cycle and have not fallen apart like the goat grass does once it hits the middle dough stages.

Remember goat grass is only used as an indicator of what the meteorological conditions have been during any current growth cycle. Some understand this, but many others do not and can be led into a false understanding.

This next photo shows us a similar condition with the wild barley in semi-good soil. It is actually on the sandy side of the soil scale. It is past "aviv" and once again completely in tact as it humbles itself before our Creator awaiting its harvest. Its distant cousin the wheat is not fairing so well since the rains stopped weeks ago. However the wild flowers are making their stand to announce their glory over the stiff-necked wheat.

Now for what is happening as we move up in elevations and see what is in store in the weeks ahead as to the continuity of the early Biblical Harvest.

This first one kind of takes my breath away in what it is saying to us. Look at this very healthy wild barley growing in good ground. Zoom in; it is in the flowering stages and oh yes, the anemones are declaring its age as well with their abundant blooming.

The next photo, from yesterday as well, is speaking the same Biblical language of a Master Designer. Notice the haze/dust which moved into the country late yesterday is captures by this favorite photographer of ours as it rolls in.

Then we have 2 pictures from Brenda from yesterday which once again record the growing season as it moves through the higher elevations.

In the first one the nice big wild barley is bowing in the flowering stages and giving that identifying glow from the sunlight hitting it in this stage. The anemones once again declare its growth stage as we have discussed over the years.

In the second one we see a slightly different picture. Beautiful anemones yes, but zoom in on the false barley in the forefront. Yes, it is darnel, the tares spoken of by our Savior. A mixed multitude one might say. They just don't give up trying to present a false witness to those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes in His patterns in creation in the Land.

Sadly that is it for this growth cycle with the harvest being underway. We hope you folks have been able to put together many of the patterns which are the information road signs along our journey in our calling from Father and being chosen to move beyond the milk of the word by our Savior, the true Wavesheaf who was beaten/threshed out and accepted on our behalf.

Maybe we will be back at the start of the next growth cycle, Father willing.

Our Peace we give to you.


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