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Sunday April 3, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

Once again, the IMS has posted their summary for the month of March. And once again, it is quite evident for those who have eyes to see what took place in the decision making process of our Elohim as to when the Biblical new year is to begin this growing cycle.

In short, the month of March was colder than December and February. Think about that for a moment. The amounts of snow and rain where game changers in this years growing cycle and extraordinary for March.

This year we have witnessed once again what happens when there are some who make declarations of the signs in the Land who do not completely understand the process we have been following for the accuracy of the Abib Calendar.

This year once again, the goat grass (wild anemic barley growing in stony ground just like 2005) was used to declare the start of a false biblical new year. We hope many of you have come to a good understanding of where goat grass fits into the process. It is only used as an indicator, not a witness, and only if one understands its growth patterns in relation to the meteorological conditions.

They repeat themselves each and every year.

For instance, this year there was not even the normal amount of goat grass in a dough stage as normal at the end of the 12th Biblical month. Not even close as witnessed to and testified to by all the inspections conducted in the Land except for one.

We look for the witness of the wild barley growing with her sister the domestic barley in good ground after the parable of the Sower. That is just one of the many Biblical agricultural patterns as to what is deemed as harvestable and what is not.

That is the simple truth. It produces two witnesses. And then they are just one of the complete witness' with 9 more in creation to guide us along with their timing in the cycle.

Please remember it is not about who is right, but what is right. Please learn the patterns of the Abib Calendar so you will be able to stand in the breach for others who are just infants in the learning process. Give them time and a strong footing to stand on so they too can come to a good understanding.

Our peace we give to you!


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