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Sunday April 7, 2024: Day 8 in the count!

Hi Guys,

There are some folks who want another display of random photos from around the country defining the movement across it of the summer look. That is turning to its summer brown.

Okay, here are a bunch to follow.

And who wants to put together the history of little "c" christianity's brutal harassment up through murdering Christian Sabbath keepers?

Some are claiming it has never taken place!

If you put it together send it over to us via a way we can read it and then post. Email is always the easiest for me. I'm an old guy.

Also what do I call myself in lieu of the post from yesterday?

Simple: a First Century Christian Sabbath keeper. That is where the big "C" comes in.

Our peace we give to you!

Pictures are not posting so I will send in another one?


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