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Sunday April 9, 2023

Happy Wavesheaf Day to all you Members of the Body of Christ/Messiah!

What a wonderful blessing it is to have been called by Father unto His Son and to be growing in Their favor and acceptance and knowledge.

As we promised we have a bunch of photos taken in the last couple of days from fields and locations we have been posting throughout the Abib Cycle since the beginning of November. Realistically it is hard to choose only some from so many available to us. That is how we develop an intimate relationship with them from afar. We are all able to follow their individual and collective growth cycles.

If we were to put a name or saying to this post it would be: “As far as the eye could see!”

Most of the acceptable wild barley growing in the domestic grain fields we posted about, at the end of the 12th month, has dropped as is its pattern during the first 2 weeks of the Month of Abib. We have demonstrated this fact for many years in our reports. So, the acceptable wild barley is not our focus today, but rather, the domestic grains displaying their crowns of glory across the agricultural areas of the Land. This is just the start of the 7 weeks harvest to Pentecost, and the Feast of Weeks. We have demonstrated for 2 decades that when wheat is planted the same time as barley, they will mature at the same Zadok’s Code rates. That is a simple fact. They have the same growth stages, etc. You have witnessed it with your own eyes here on our sites. That is one of the reasons we track both of them, knowledge sets us free from ignorance. And Patterns point us to the truth of a matter.

With this said it is still hard to believe the volume of people who insist if the wheat is ready then the month of Abib must have been at least 7 weeks back or 2 lunar cycles back. It does not take much effort to find that there is little to no spring wheat planted in Israel now. So their points of dissension and delusion are nothing but trash for the heap.


Because farmers planting it in the 11th or 12th lunar month of a specific year would not have enough water from rains for the wheat to make it to full maturity. That is another simple fact. Farmers will not spend their money on unnecessary irrigation for wheat, to an expensive and doubtful conclusion, when they can simply plant it in October and November when they are planting barley. Simple economics and simple realization of the growing seasons in Israel today.

So please enjoy this photographic display which is an acclamation of the truthful decisions you have made and are practicing during these days of UB; during the Month of Abib, and guard them well for there are some roaming about who are trying to take your crown from you.

To the photos:

The first 10 are from areas that should be familiar to all you folks who have followed the growth cycle this past year. I may have added one or two extra not sure. I think I put in a shot of goat grass for the folks who still look for it. Make an effort to distinguish barley from wheat, good practice time. We then have 3 photos of domestic grain cut for silage and laying on the ground drying out. In the last one please zoom in and see how dry these stalks and heads are having been cut the end of last week. That is the same effect that cutting and bundling them in sheaf's in the field has. When the grain has achieved 8.3-8.5 it dries very quickly as we have demonstrated many times in the past.

Then we have our neighborhood stiff necked tares. Notice they to are trying to get into the golden crown act.

And then there is the screenshot from this morning of the IMS forecast. The Land is in a 3 day sharav event folks. Imagine that, Father has quickened the pace to show some wayward children the right direction. Their mercy knows no bounds.

May you have a peaceful and thoughtful count to Pentecost and a similar conclusion to your keeping of these 7 days of UB. Our First of the Firstfruit made it all possible for us to do so. Thank you for loving Father and Son!

Our Peace we give to you.


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