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Sunday February 18, 2024: Take 2

Hi Again Folks,

The weather in the Land is still wet and wild in many locations. The buffer zone between lots of rain and no rain has received another drink from on high. Good news for some of the stressed barley there. Actually, just what the doctor ordered as the saying goes.

A look at Hermon first and then the results of this weather event and the blossoms taking over the landscape as they always due at some point in the 12th Biblical Month.

Then the beautiful flower that heralds in stage 5 of Zadoks code of barley growth.

And then several photos from around the country establishing the record of growth in the domestic barley and winter wheat. For you new comers; if winter wheat is planted at the same time as barley and is subject to the same timing of the early rains of winter it will grow at the same rate. They have the same growth cycle with the exception that barley is a much hardier plant. It can withstand cold and drought better than winter wheat.

Lots of grain will be entering stage 6 shortly so you may want to brush up on its attributes. With the good growing weather coming this week we will see a rush to the later stages of #6 in some big fields in several regions.

Our peace we give to you!


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