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Sunday February 18, 2024: Take 3

Hi once again guys,

A good opportunity has arisen to help some of the new folks on how not to be tricked into believing something is what it is not. People can play tricks on you if you are not aware of the aging process in grains.

Notice these photo's from this morning. When you see the sun shinning on the awns it gives the appearance of being much older than it actually is because it gives the traditional aging look from a distance expected in the dough stages (Zadok . This is an illusion in nature. Look closely at the heads and you will see they are still very green. Also notice many have left stage 5 into stage 6: from 1-9. Imagine that.

These domestic heads of grain are indicative of a swath across the NW Negev reaching over to Route 6. They are right were they need to be at this time in the 12th Biblical Month.

Our peace we give to you!


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