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Sunday February 25, 2024

Good morning folks and welcome to the second half of the 12th Biblical Month!

There is going to be a lot of activity with the Biblical declared witnesses in this short period of time and then for the two weeks following that.

We will see locations of domestic and wild grain maturing to qualify for a Leviticus 2:14 First of the Firstfruits offering by the end of these next 14 days. Locations across the Land will be taking on that look but be careful as we will once again explain at the last photo.

We will see the first small groups of migrating White Storks enter the Land. But remember the big witness does not start until some time in the 2 weeks following the next New Moon. When it does it is undeniable.

We will see the first fig trees start to put forth their tender fruit balls around the end of this 12th month and then they will give witness in harmony as to the changing from winter to summer in the two weeks to follow that.

The swifts and swallows will return shortly after the next New Moon in amazing numbers doing all their acrobatic dives and swings in flight above the Land.

The song of the Turtle Doves will be heard around the Land shortly after the next New Moon as well.

Lets not forget the grapes witness in all of this either. They are many weeks away from producing their sour buds in the older varieties in the Land.

There will be a plethora of Biblical witnesses in creation to hold up the arms in witness of the two barley sisters; domestic and wild.

So do not be deceived into thinking all of that is upon us at this moment for it is not. Many have gone out from amongst us to place detours and land mines in our way as we follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

With that lets start off with the lamb situation. In the past several days lots of lambs have been born. They are too little to travel with their mom's and are being kept back during the days foraging events. That will change in about a week or two depending upon the situations surrounding the individual flocks.

In the following photos from yesterday you can see some mom's have dropped and some are just about to. Also notice the different species as well.

The next photo is indicative of the status of all the vineyards in the Land except for those under canopy in the lower Jordan Valley and Negev Desert which are all irrigated as well at this time of year of plenty of rain in most regions.

The streams are still flowing in their bravado of the 12th month of the Abib Growing Cycle.

Another look at Mount Hermon is in order.

Then a look at the flower that coincides its first appearance with the start of the Zadok Stage 5 in grains. Locals call them Thurmos'

And now the Nazareth Iris are making their appearance right on time.

Then we have some random photos from grain around the country as of yesterday in various stages of growth.

And in the last one we have another learning moment. No doubt some will take it and try to paint a different understanding of it. They are hirelings and wolves and want to entrap as many babes and tares as they can to feed off of them.

In this photo the field looks like it is in stage 9 of Zadoks Code of growth. As we have been showing photos like this and explaining the reason the grain looks so golden is the angle of the sun as it sets. The same thing happens at that angle when it rises as well.

We actually know the status of this location because we follow it throughout the cycle. These heads are actually very green in stature. Look at the areas that have the rays of sun being blocked. What do you see?

Yes, green, and a transition area on each when the rays are limited until completely blocked by the hillsides. That is how we all need to be able to take witness from such photos. We examine them and look to see what is true by knowing such tricks or illusions of nature. Please learn that lesson from this one and the others we have shown you in the past week. It repeats itself in every cycle after the heads emerge.

With that said; is this not a beautiful photo?

It is one of our go to area's This location will qualify as a First of the Firstfruits location by months end but not yet.

Be vigilant for the Calendar hirelings and wolves are on the prowl.

We hope this week we have entered is a good one for you all as you grow in favor, acceptance, and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus/Yeshua ......Christ/Messiah.

Our peace we give to you!


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