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Sunday February 4, 2024: Take 2

Hi Folks,

We are hoping the week is starting off well for you. I have lots of wood to cut and split today which is adding to the reserves for 2-3 years down the road. Movement is life to a physical being especially when your old. Never stop for if you do the old body starts shutting down. That same principle applies to our spiritual situation as well.

Our first picture today is of the bird of the 11th-12th months in Israel. Each and every cycle it is the same during the Gregorian months of late December through half of February. The White Egret. They can be seen in large numbers following along after the flocks of sheep and goats as they feed, as well as the cattle. Sometimes they hitch a ride on their backs.

Bridget is putting together an interactive map for the upcoming arrival of the White Storks which will be migrating in small numbers after mid month and then increasing into large numbers as we get to the month of March.

This is also the time of many of the blossoming trees to start showing their glory of the season as well. You can identify them by species through the color and structure of their blossoms as well as by the bark and structure of their branches. The one good thing about high temperature the first part of the month of January was it enticed some of the early trees to show their blossoms.

Lets not forget the snow piled up in the north. Lot of photos of it and folks out in it on the internet.

Then two photos of our lonely tree in the NW Negev. Notice the patchy spots in this location. They could use more rain. Its amazing to see the effects in this day and age of our Elohim telling us He makes it rain on one city and withholds it from another.

Here are 2 pictures of an area along the Alexander creek drainage between Rt. 2 and Rt. 4 north of Netanya. You can see the grain coming out of the head in the first one. If you go back and check Bridget's germinating rain map from earlier in the cycle you will see this is one of the areas that received rains in October and early November which caused the seeds in the ground to germinate then. The only reason they are not more mature at this time is due to the meteorological conditions Father has placed in the Land this Abib Growing Cycle to accomplish His purpose of when the year will switch from winter to summer.

The second one shows the saturation of the soils.

Then we will finish up with one from the higher elevations east of the previous two.

Lots of wild and domestic barley in good soil all at the same Zadok stage of growth.

Wonderful year to follow it all for the sustained beauty. Thank you Father!

Our peace we give to you!


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