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Sunday January 14, 2024

Happy New Moon Day!

We hope you guys are managing to keep your heads above water with all the different mixed signals flying around these days. If it were easy everyone would qualify to be the Bride in the household of the Elohim. Be very happy Father has called you and Christ accepted you, to work with you as a potential eternal helpmate. That is when the real work of discerning begins.

As some of you have noted from experience, we have turned the corner to the second half of winter in the Land. Two months left to go for the first opportunity to witness to the Month of Abib.

Do you remember when you were a babe in Christ/Messiah? It sure was a lot easier back then having others make decisions for you was it not. Well, you have been granted to move beyond the milk of the Word and there is no turning back to that immature existence any longer. Much is expected of you.

Evaluate everything you see and hear. For instance, we have 2 past discredited witnesses coming forward Saturday night and claiming to have seen the first crescent on Friday evening. However, the weather at that time, even prior to it and after it was rendering such an observation null and void in Central Israel and in particular in their two locations. Two layers of thick clouds and rain. That was easy to ascertain by looking at all the live webcams in that region of Israel.

It is work to get established with them all and diligently look at them all throughout the course of the afternoon and up to the time of moonset. How valuable is getting that information to you? If of great value start today setting them all up. And then practice with them until you are proficient in interpreting the signs in the sky relevant to visibility of the first crescent.

Now I know the vast majority of you guys will not even attempt that. But, it really needs to be said as I may explain later today. Especially if you look from the area of Jerusalem.

Back to the evidence in creation in the Land as to where we are in this Abib Growth Cycle. We are looking at the daily progression of growth just like a farmer would have in the Land so he is not caught of guard as to others claiming when his crop will be harvested and when it will not be harvested. We are thus personally vested in it. It is life to a farmer.

The winter flower transition is under way and will be vividly displayed in all its glory in the next several weeks and then it will continue on past the start to the Month of Abib. Some nice examples of this.

Then we once again have photo's of the grain growing around the country, and lets not forget the defining sign of winter in the Land: repeated rain events.

And then the ridge overlooking the sea of Galilee.

Once again, some are asking about the amount of posting we do. Its simple, we do so for you to learn what we already know. You take that information and you use it as you see fit in your determinations of the status of the Abib Growth Cycle. It is a shield against the minions darts of our adversary who want to turn you in a wrong direction.

If there is specific information you need that we are not posting let us know by emailing us and we will let you know if we can do so.

Our peace we give to you!


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