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Sunday January 21, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

We hope the week is starting well for you. For those of you who are American football fans: go Bills!

If you have not looked at the information on Bridget's rain totals to date you should. That is a good tool in our pouch in determining what areas Father has designated as early harvest ones. The timing and the amounts of rain from heaven teach us volumes about the decisions being made as to the start of the Month of Abib.

Follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Wolves and their puppies don't like to hang around Him, so there is safety in dwelling with Him and not straying far.

This morning we are going to look at the progress of the domestic grains in the north Central part of the country. Here you will see the grain areas of the foothills as well as the SE portions of the Jezreel Valley. For you Biblical history folks, Saul and Johnathan were killed just past the bottom right side of the viewing area.

But first a gathering of friends. Then the Google picture. (I can zoom in on it but not sure after it loads here).

Following that we have numerous fields located in this view of the region. All are doing well. We even have a photo of one grain field being sprayed. And no this is not fertilizer. It is most likely a fungicide of sorts. Depending on the character of the year to date it may also include some other components to keep other bad stuff from taking hold on the leaves.

We hope those of you who do not share an intimate relationship with the Land already are finding your way to it. When we develop such a friendship and familiarity with it we are not easily fooled by falsehoods being presented.

Thank you for loving Father and Son. And if you don't already you will have that opportunity sometime in the future.

Our peace we give to you!


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