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Sunday March 10, 2024

Good morning Folks,

Well as you know the work week starts today. We will be putting in some new trees, as well as some new blueberry bushes. But need to put in a bigger bed area prior to some of that for expansion of one of the vegetable areas. Our peach trees we started last year from seed are now putting out tender green leaves. We caged them Friday so the local 4 legged lawnmowers (whitetail deer) don't chew them down to stubs.

I will answer the inquiries about what an equilux is in a later post for those wondering.

And yes, she drove right by all the fields in aviv stage dough. And no, you will need to ask her not me. So that is now out of the way.

Lets talk a little about the upcoming heat load in the Land. The first picture is of the forecast for the next week or so in the Jerusalem area. Keep in mind it is in the height of the Judean Mountains, thus the temperatures in the much lower grain areas will be much hotter.

You guys who have been around for some time know full well what that means. We have demonstrated it often in our reports and videos. The upcoming intense sun, heat, and wind will dry the heads of grain to hard dough in 3 days that are in the early dough stages (8.3) right now. That is a simple agricultural fact in the Land.

Look what Father is going to do starting on New Moon day. What an exclamation mark to the surety of the Month of Abib starting.

Then we have photos from the Alexander Creek/Turtle Bridge trail going to the ruins which by the way is a short drive south from Haifa. You have seen this location in a post several weeks ago when the heads were just starting to take on their change of color.

The first one shows the sister operation to the silage cutting photos we showed you this past week in the NW Negev, in fact in Dorot a hot bed of traditionally early grains. This is the physiologically mature grain after being cut and dried and is now being bailed for future use by dairy cows. So now you newer folks have seen a good example of the process for both.

In the second of the two pictures you can see the pile of bails waiting to be picked up. Zoom in and see all the heads of grain sticking out of the bails. As is the case always they wait until the grain is between 8.3 and 8.5 if it is going to be bailed. If used for silage, they cut it between 8.1 and 8.3 when it is greener but with seeds developing well.

Also notice the tillers which were under the cutting blades are already putting up stalks once again. Then look past the bails to the right and you will see grain cut and drying. That area looks like it still needs to be turned another time and let the sun do its job.

For the last one in this post you will see a field from yesterdays photos. Some will recognize it from last years posts. We got out and walked it and picked aviv domestic barley and wild barley then. Once again one of the traditionally early locations in the Land we have acquired over 20 plus years of inspections.

Bridget and Brenda are running down some other witnesses in creation in the Land today, so maybe we will be seeing them later.

Our peace we give to you!


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