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Sunday March 10, 2024: Take 2

Hi folks,

As promised here is the equilux answer.

What is the equilux in Jerusalem you have on the Typical March Calendar?

Equilux: a date when day and night are of exactly equal in length: The date of the equilux will vary depending on where on Earth you are, whereas the equinox is a fixed instant in time.
John 11:8-9 The disciples said to Him, Rabbi, lately the Jews sought to stone You, and are You going there again? (where; Jerusalem). Jesus answered, are there not twelve hours in this (not the) day? If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world.

The definite Greek article is very important to us here. It is #3588 and can be represented by the, this, or that, as well as a few others but this will seal the deal as the saying goes.

In speaking about 12 hours in a daylight portion of a day is He speaking about some Roman configuration? Of course not, for He goes on and qualifies that He is talking about sunlight. He created it. He understood that where He was standing on earth has only 2 days in a yearly cycle that have 12 hours of daylight in them. They are called equilux’s. He makes it clear with describing what he meant by this day when He says you won’t stumble because of the daylight making it possible to see. He just left us a really big clue as to when this was.

Yes, the equilux that year would have been the same as it is now: March 16-17. No Passover yet. Why is that important? For one, it is not talking about the equinox; an unseen moment in time 2,000 miles south of them. It seems that does trigger some who are obsessed with that magic moment in time to start harassing people with their doctrine this time of year. Maybe there is something to it?

He is talking about the specific day just before he went up to Jerusalem, well Bethany in sight of Jerusalem. Lazarus has died. Now take the accounts of this event and those following it to determine the timing of Him returning to Jerusalem for the Passover. After that you have a very good idea of how many days passed from the equilux that year until Passover. Was it kept in March or April that year? If March, a normal year; if April, an intercalated year.

So, for those folks suggesting there is no such thing in scripture relevant to an intercalated year you have an arithmetic problem of days and months here.

We usually don’t bring stuff like this up but there seem to be some folks getting confused on that. With that all said: our only commands, instructions, and patterns in scripture are to make an accurate decision regarding the start of the year, not the end of it. That is why all the witnesses and instructions are associated with its beginning. The head of the months.

By the way, the Tequfah of the harvest season ended in the 7th month, except for some difficult to knock off olives. It’s all about the harvests not unseen moments in time 2000 miles south of Jerusalem.

Have fun guys!

Attached is the list of equilux dates in Jerusalem which Bridget had put together.

Breaks over, yes dear I hear you.

Our peace we give to you!

Jerusalem Equiluxes 2010 - 2030
Download PDF • 18KB


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