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Sunday October 8, 2023

Hi Folks,

Some of you have been looking for some specific calendar assistance for figuring next years potential start to the Biblical Calendar Cycle.

There are two possibilities as you may guess with the end of this current 12 month cycle closing out the evening of March 12, 2024. That certainly can be the start to the Next Biblical Year but there is still a lot of distance between now and then. However, we are anticipating it to be such but as always we wait of Father to make it perfectly clear through the 10 Biblical Witnesses to that actual event, the change from winter to summer. Nothing more and nothing less.

Here is a list of the two possible dates for a normal and an intercalated year. I will also attach a file as well.

2024 Potential Calendar scenario’s: All days start at evening before.

Normal Year:

Tuesday March 12: New Year Day

Monday March 25: Passover

Tuesday March 26: 1st day UB

Sunday March 31: Wavesheaf Day

Monday April 1: Last Day UB

Sunday May 19: Pentecost

Thursday September 5: Trumpets

Saturday September 14: Atonement

Thursday September 19: FOT

Thursday September 26: LGD

Intercalated year:

Wednesday April 10: New Year Day

Tuesday April 23: Passover

Wednesday April 24: 1st day UB

Sunday April 28: Wavesheaf Day

Tuesday April 30: Last day UB

Sunday June 16: Pentecost

Saturday October 5: Trumpets

Monday October 14: Atonement

Saturday October 19: FOT

Saturday October 26: LGD/8th Day

You can use this to assist you in figuring them up yourselves.

Our peace we give to you.

2024 Potential Calendar scenario
Download DOCX • 13KB


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