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Thursday April 20, 2023

Good Morning Brethren and happy 12th day of our count (for those of you keeping that numbering this year).

Lots of folks want updates about the course of this Month of Abib which we are in. Let us cover a number of aspects for your records.

First we will look at photos of the second round of barley and wheat to be cut and in a number of cases is being cut already. All the barley and wheat planted during October and the first part of November is now cut for silage. It is cut at the same stage of Zadoks Scale that would have been used for cutting grain by hand back when Native Israelites occupied the Land. That is 8.3 to 8.5. This way, no kernels were lost until it had tried out standing in the field. Thus much more manageable. These days they cut it, lay it down by machine, let it dry for several days in most case (there are a few exceptions based on end use) and then collect and cut it and blow it into a trailer by machine as well. We have a photo included here so those who do not understand this process can actually see it.

These first 3 pictures are of the next round awaiting to be cut just as the 7 week cycle progresses throughout the Land.

Then we have two from Marina which demonstrate an earlier than desired cutting due to all the rain laying down the grain.

Then we have a photo from the Jezreel Valley of new plantings taking place to try and capitalize on the huge amounts of rain that have been absorbed by the soils there and in the Central and South.

And last but not the least, 3 photos of the grapes to date. Right on time in each region by the way. The first two are from two of our favorite Wineries in the Land and the 3rd is from a vineyard up in the Jezreel Valley south slope.

We hope that satisfies your requests for the time being. Everything is exactly where it needs to be and is following the entire 10 witnesses patterns places in creation by our Elohim to be able to EASILY recognize their decision to change from Winter to Summer in the Land.

Just think, we have such a crowd of witnesses who are about to transition their witness into the second month of this year and the count to Pentecost just as they do each and every Biblical Year.

Our peace we give to you.


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