Thursday April 7, 2022

Hi Folks,

Two weeks ago the Land was saying enough of the snow and rain. Then the heat wave hit. It has been hot and dry and windy in most of the country. So much so that the grain which got the sharav boost it needed now needs a little rain and some cooler weather for the younger grain locations to continue in an orderly growth cycle during the 7 weeks of harvest starting on Wavesheaf Day.

This heat wave has been something to just sit still and watch. It has made the acceptable grain fields jump forward into the dough stages from their month of dormancy.

But remember those are the early fields with many more regions and locations much younger than they.

Our friends at the IMS are telling us some of that relief will be coming this weekend and gradually wind down to a cool day or two mid week with some rain and then back off to the sun and warmth.

Our Elohim know when to apply the brakes and when to push on the peddle with Their creation so it speaks to us of Their judgments and gives knowledge to us in assisting with making right decisions about the timing of the annual appointed times of meeting.

Such wonderful balance and assurances.

Maybe we will talk grapes later for those who follow their progress in the cycle.


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