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Thursday December 28, 2023

Hi Folks,

We are hoping your week is going well and you are staying above the chaos and confusion society is drowning in.

We also hope you are understanding what the winter look in the Land actually looks like if you had not already known. It is one of new growth and beautiful colors. Our first 4 photos today are once again of the flowers of the first half of winter.

The first one is special to me. The early Iris of the Galilee.

Then a few pictures from around the country depicting the essence of the landscape which received the early rains.

Then 2 photos from Engevy which capture the transition from the plowed and planted soils and grain, to the goat grass covered rocky hillsides which are used for grazing livestock. If you zoom in on each you will see a small strip in between the domestic and the wild (goat grass). It is in that strip in these two locations in the Upper Jordan Valley north of the Jezreel Valley where you would find representative wild barley that would be acceptable for use in your decision of a first of the Firstfruits Wavesheaf for the upcoming year. That does not mean they actually will be, but it is an acceptable location for it to be found.

Tomorrow I will probably put up one of our reminders about the traps and detours which lay ahead in the next couple of months relative to the Abib Calendar. So, if you are not comfortable with such things just don't read it.

Our peace we give to you!


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