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Thursday February 15, 2024

Good Morning winter in the Land watchers,

We hope your week is going well and you are be blessed in surprising ways in it.

Once again we lead off with Hermon in the North. Always beautiful in the second half of winter.

Then we make efforts to follow the sheep prior to lambing time. Here is a classic picture of this part of the season as you have been witnessing for weeks now. Look at the 4 white egrets catching a ride on the sheep. Also the anemones in the goat grass. Harmony in action.

Then the second half of winter flower witness that always coincides with stage 5 of the barley cycle.

And the water. Lots of rapidly flowing water in much of the Land.

Now 4 photos from around Jerusalem. Blossoms, goat grass heading out, winter flowers, and all the rock and stones. Memories revisited for some of you.

An important one next. Here is a photo of a field that looks like it is completely in Zadok stage 4 from a distance. To an experienced inspector/farmer they know that is not the case because of the big broad flag leaf on each plant. That means the boot is swollen and ready to, or already is, pushing out the young head.

If you now look at the zoomed in photo of the same spot you will see heads emerging in many of the grain stalks. Very young and eager to see the light instead of the darkness in the womb.

As we mentioned yesterday, it is raining once again. Father knows best. It looks like He is planning a really nice stretch of sunny and warm weather starting next week.

Our peace we give to you.


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