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Thursday February 23, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We hope the week is working in your favor. We are on the short side of the count to our next Sabbath rest.

This post will be to help some of the folks who do not understand the part the sun and the birds play in the 10 witnesses in creation in the Promised Land which support the decision to change from winter to summer.

Once again, please remember winter in the Land is defined by rain and no rain to most of the inhabitants today.

Our first picture is from Guy, of the Jezreel Valley this morning. Yes, a very good soaker. Temperatures are still below normal for the season if you believe the Israeli Meteorological Service report today. They should be a tool in your belt to use often. Next week there will be a warmup in scope to the degree which has not yet happened this winter. We are used to seeing them earlier for a short time. Not sharav though. Imagine that.

Some are decrying the fact we state the beginning of the Biblical Year can't start in the Gregorian month of February. They can't disconnect from their teachers errors long enough to listen to Biblical patterns of fact or just the simple sciences surrounding the key subjects. I am after so and so, no I am after so and so, etc.

No folks, we are to follow the Lamb wherever He goes and no one else. It is the simplicity in Christ/Messiah we are tethered to.

If some of these folks took the time to actually read about such things they may get an awakening from their sleep. That too is a pattern. They need to sit at the table and feed themselves instead of being spoon fed unhealthy food by another. The next step is then to learn how to prepare a healthy meal on their own. Once again a Biblical principle and pattern in fact.

The next picture is of the white egrets. You guys who have been with our reports over the years know they arrive at the same time every year. They move their way up through the countryside almost in sink with the anemones blooming. Once again a simple fact proven year after year. We do not use them as an actual witness like the white storks but we use them as an indicator just like we do the goat grass. Once again goat grass is completely unacceptable wild barley growing in anemic soils. It is full of blemishes and in fact very anemic itself. Not representing our Savior as the substance of a Wavesheaf offering.

The reason the white egrets come through the Land every February is because of their species instinct. Their brains are wired to respond to a specific amount of sunshine and intensity of it for their migrations north as time approaches the vernal equinox and in reverse as the autumnal equinox approaches.

Our Elohim have programmed that into them. It is flawless, always repeats right on time. Each species is programmed in a similar specific way to stage the times the birds migrate so it is not in chaos and confusion which ensures an adequate food supply along the route. We have spoken in detail about all of this often in the past so please, those who are spouting off that there is no relevance to such things take the time to sit at the table and ingest it on your own with no one else looking except Father and Christ/Messiah.

Next you will see a screen shot of one of the sites I use to track up to the minute sightings of the different bird species as they migrate through the Land. This site is designed so you can search out specific species. It is a wonderful tool as are others. Here you see a map of the white stork sightings in southern Israel.

The blue indicate sightings from previous years so you can even go back and check the history of each species many years previously. Imagine that, a record for all to see and utilize. The red indicators are of sightings which include the history of the location but also include the specific year we are currently in.

You will only see 2 on this map, one big and one little. It will give the amount seen and the person who recorded it. There have been between 100 and 200 hundred white storks wintering there. Why? Because the Dudaim dump is located there thus they have a place to feed during the winter when their standard food sources are not available until the time approaching the Month of Abib. You can also see another location in the Jordan Valley if you go to the site which many of you are familiar with which houses a larger wintering population because you have 2 dumps there with the one you are more familiar with being the Tovlan dump.

So what you will notice is there are no migrating white storks in the Land yet. Following the pattern we should see some "early birds" next week based on the amount of sunlight they are being exposed to in Africa at this time. They like to ride the winds coming from the south so lets all keep looking for them. The big migrations will not start until after the second week in March. This is a simple Biblical fact taking place before your eyes and can be followed in real time here at the end of the age because knowledge and thus technology to do so has increased. Thus we are without excuse.

We should also start seeing the white pelicans moving into the Land on their northward migration very soon. They usually come in numbers prior to the white storks. Once again a simple pattern in fact which is easily confirmed. A word of caution though, please do not confuse them for white storks like one of your teachers has done in the past. Learn to recognize things before you step forth with them.

There is a lot more which could be said but we are not in the position to make decisions for you. Our function in the Body is to present the evidences for you to make your own personal decision. That does not preclude us from pointing out errors in instruction on the subject of the Abib Cycle from year to year. But, we have slowed the pace of that down over time. Deceived and deceiving hit home in pointing out the futility that can produce in ones efforts.

We are hoping your time spent in following the Abib Cycle on your own is paying spiritual dividends.

Our peace we give to you!


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