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Thursday February 29, 2024: Take 2

Good morning once again Folks,

We are going to be entering the time frame of a Typical March tomorrow. We would suggest you take out the picture of it with its dates and follow along and see how amazingly accurate it is. Not because of any brilliance on our part, but being given the spirit to recognize it's patterns as our Elohim have established that part of the timeline in the Abib Growing Cycle. All credit to Elohim so keep your money in your pockets.

We can't go long this time of year without recognizing Mt Hermon in these posts.

And another reminder of what low elevation sunlight does to grain when in the head. A beautiful illusion from Guy this morning in this field just coming out of the flowering stage.

And then another beautiful photo from Max. Look at the beautiful heads just starting to bow on this barley. But once again the illusion of the sun's rays on them. Its located at the bottom of the photo.

Then some flowers of the season photos.

Now lets catch up with some examples of grain flowering for the newer folks to this endeavor. If you zoom in you will see little light colored tags on the heads. That is the witness to them flowering as it is called. Fertilization either is or has just taken place in the heads.

Then two photos of a tragedy for a farmer. This location was being burned due to disease caused by no rain. Notice the heads are just clearing the boot of the stem in the second photo yet have seed pouches turning the color of maturity and losing their green. Premature death from lack of water.

Also notice the erratic growth size, and heads that are broken already in the first photo. This is very blemished grain and unfit for any holy grain offering. Unfortunately in the past some have used such locations to declare the start of the new year. Be ever so vigilant.

Now look at this barley which is very healthy except for the dead barley due to being sprayed with a herbicide in the middle. We have no reason why but no its not aviv just dead. Look at the structure of the barley heads here. Notice how the rows are formed. This is one of the standard ways how you distinguish barley from wheat. You will always have a "herring bone" configuration with both 6 row and 2 row barley. However, it is more prominent in 2 row.

Then another look from the backside of this location.

Our peace we give to you.


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