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Thursday February 8, 2024

Good Morning Folks,

Hoping things are well with you all. The record of this cycle is growing as a witness to the time of the year we are in. Some say keep it coming, while others say go away. Now why would they want us to go away?

One of our purposes is to give you the evidences so you can define fact from fiction.

The flowers and blossoms of the second part of winter in the Land are nothing short of beautiful.

Then we have some other witness' to the season. Lots of snow in the lower elevations of Hermon and lots of fog in the valleys and highlands. And lets not forget flooded fields.

Who can Identify what is in the forefront of the first grain photo to follow. If you get it right you get an all expense paid trip to Israel. Just kidding! Bet it got your attention, eh! This is a good exercise to sharpen your senses of identification of plants at particular growth stages.

The next two have majority of their plants well into the boot stage.

Our peace we give to you!


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