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Thursday March 14, 2024: Take 2

Good morning once again Folks,

We will do a little catching up here today before the tractor gets fired up.

Yes to those who are asking about the grapes. They have awakened in a number of regions. The first photo is from our friends at the Tzora Vineyard. For you guys who have stayed in Shoresh you are familiar with them. Half way up the Judean Hills.

Some of you guys say you are having trouble discerning barley from wheat in the photos of the fields so here is what you need to look for. The first photo is of 6 row and 2 row barley well into the aviv stage. In fact these can be ground into flour easily. They are from a past inspection cycle. Then we have a good photo from John this year of wheat. In fact this wheat here could be dried or roasted and ground into flour (Leviticus 2:14). Keep in mind that was days before the end of the 12th month.

So take these for your records and hold them up when looking at a field so you can see what is what. Remember this is a practice for you guys who are learning.

And yes, the skies are filled with White Storks. Lorrie sent over a nice video of them flying over where she lives.

If any of you other folks who live in Israel want to send any photos over you can. I will let Bridget or Brenda address how you can do that. They can post the different methods.

Then we have some photos led off by the barley sisters witnessing together. The first one is 6 row, 2 row, and wild.

Then a bunch of wild getting in on the act.

Then a bunch of photos of grain growing around the country as of yesterday. Who can find the spelt peeking out above the barley in one of the photos? Look to the structure of the head and the lack of awns (whiskers).

Our peace we give to you!


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