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Thursday March 17, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

What a difference not having to get up at 3 am every morning to prepare an Abib Calendar meal for everyone. That part of our function is over for this winters growing cycle.

It was a very cold night in Israel. In a while the IMS will no doubt address some of the records for this day being broken or tied.

The question is being asked: what does aviv barley look like this time of year? Have you ever followed up on an initial trip to Israel to conduct your abib inspections?

Well yes, I have.

Following is a link to our 2019 reports on our Historical Abib Reporting page on our website. Here you will find in this particular post lots of pictures which will answer that question. They were taken on March 19, 2019. Their are also lots of videos to watch in that years reporting as well if you go to the website.

Abib Update - Tuesday March 19, 2019
Download PDF • 15.37MB

Once you have looked at the pictures go to the website and look at the ones taken at the end of the 12th month that year. That will show you what it looked like then and what it looked like just prior to Passover that year.

And yes, that is a year that many followed the Nehemiaite Calendar. Unfortunate but true. Many old timers reflected on it being a re-enactment of 2016, which it was. You can read all about that as well and then what happened during their delayed start of the year.

Father will not be mocked. He does the mocking if there is any to be done. And by the way, it appears He may not be cutting the cold this weekend for very long. Next week looks like another nasty cold front moving through. We will wait and see.

Records are very important and so is understanding how to apply agricultural terms and conditions to the Biblical Calendar. Many mouth the names and terms but falter when applying them. They reject all the other Biblical witnesses to their hurt at times.

Remember it is not about who is right, but what is right.

Its still winter in Israel as it know winter. I am being asked by some of you to address the declaration of aviv by Becca (who some only know in her alternate universe name Rivkah) a past student of mine and Linda's.

The answer is very simple: she should have paid greater attention to more than just the terms and descriptive words we used during her training sessions in Israel with us. That is it, hope that satisfies your interest.

Folks, we all need to make choices in our calling. Some take the right path some the wrong and some are just short detours in our journey and we find our way back to the right path and the right direction following the Lamb wherever He goes.

Please remember His words to us: Take heed that no one deceives you for many will come in My name saying I am the Christ and will deceive many. And then we have the other side of the coin from them who do not say He was the Christ.

What a mess in the body at the end of the age. Some of you are in for another disappointment in the days ahead. Do not be easily shaken. Hold fast to what is true and good.

Our Peace we give to you!


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