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Thursday March 20, 2024

Good Morning Dear Brethren and the rest of you as well.

Nice to be home, it is good to be home in my little piece of the earth.

And yes, many of you guys who view this Page and our website are brethren in our calling from Father unto His Son Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah. But there are a lot of folks who are not part of that calling who use the information we provide in our postings. And that is a welcomed and a good thing is it not.

And then there are some who need special noting from time to time; like grifters, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and such placed in the Abib Calendar narrative here at the end of the age to distort, contort, and outright deceive. They have a vital task in separating the chaff from the actual grain. They like their father are used to test our resolve quite often. And let us not forget the Tares and Mixed Multitude who use every opportunity they can to display their unbiblical rants.

Please understand this is not a condemnation of them all, but just a simple understanding of the facts surrounding their patterned purpose.

It is good to be home. Can't repeat it enough. An eventful trip in many ways. From being put on the no-fly list to Israel by one of our adversaries and to meeting old friends it has been quite satisfying watching the spirit of our Elohim connect all the dots in this wonderful Month of Abib. But I hate the flights and time spent in airports. The flight back is 13.5 hours in the air on just the Tel Aviv to Miami leg of it. This lovely one had people hacking and gagging on phlegm buildups and let’s not forget some puking in the isles.

It has been a very busy year putting up posts daily and starting with the reporting back in October. The only reason we intensified it after October is because the early rains had started in many locations in the Land. Thus, the seed in the ground germinated for another Abib Growing Cycle. Some understand the tremendous importance of the early rains stating in October and some are completely clueless to this fact. Like a good attentive farmer, we then follow the grain growth through the season to its maturity. That is a must if you want to be able to project when you will need the manpower for a harvest.

The NW Negev is as beautiful as I have ever seen it. A patch quilt and mosaic of all the different shades from green to yellow in the maturing process of the grains growing there. Just think what it will look like come the actual wavesheaf day on March 31st.

Once again, it is important to state clearly, we do not cut a wavesheaf, nor wave one. For me the function was fulfilled with the actions of my Savior when He qualified to be the First of the Firstfruit of many brethren and then beaten out prior to shedding His blood as the Passover Lamb of Fathers household.

We are tasked with getting the timing of it correct so we can keep the appointed times of meeting with our Elohim in the annual rehearsals/holy days they have declared. And yes, it is designed to start immediately after the Wavesheaf has been accepted when the farmers returned home after their keeping the Passover events at the Temple in Jerusalem. It has a spiritual reality of it which puts the exclamation mark on it.

In many respects the same physical activity is in play with those in Judaism who conduct inspections. Neither do they cut a wavesheaf offering but for a different reason. There is no Temple to bring it to in following the command to do so. Thus, they too only need to get the timing correct. I say only not in a light way. But a specific and truthful way just like us.

In both camps some have integrity and some do not. Once again, all part of the testing here at the end of the age.

I promised you some videos so I have attached a few of them that most are looking to review.

The very first is of a field of wheat which has been taken over by the red strain wild barley. I have never seen such a beautiful sight as this one this year. The wheat is at the Leviticus 2:14 minimum but the wild barley is easily shattered and can be ground into flour. Just look at the size of this field of red strain wild. It towers over the stiff-necked wheat just as it should. By the way there are over 3 dozen confirmed groupings of wild barley found in Israel. They are even different in genetic structure from ones that grow on south facing hills, with those that grow on north facing hills. And many such differences are found in the Land.

You have heard me talk about this strain of wild barley since a few years after we started making in Land inspections. It is always the healthiest and as a friend of mine says strongest of the strains. You have also heard me relate this to the spiritual equivalent of our Lord and Savior. The red streaks running through the seeds tell me they reflect the shed blood of Him as a result of the beatings/winnowing He took as my Wavesheaf Offering prior to being killed as the Passover Lamb. Look at the volumes of it here in the distance still standing as opposed to the spot I am standing in which was knocked down by the rain.

Then another video of wild barley at my first stop outside of Kiryat Maliki on route 3 in the NW Negev. By the way the intersection of 3 and 232 (Hodaya) is all yellow in color as it is one of our traditionally early locations, year in and out.

Then just a simple reminder of what many fields look like in the upper Jordan Valley and south ridge of the Jezreel Valley. This is wheat with wild barley growing in it. Both are in the dough stages. After that is a comparison photo from yesterday from the same general location in the Upper Jordan Valley from one of the photographers we follow. See how easy it is. They can do the leg work for you if you know how to read grain. For instance, how do we know this wheat holds aviv standard seeds? Look at the awns starting to spread. Wheat gets very ugly and scraggly when it is moving through stage 8 dough growth.

Then we have a witness from where Todd was crowned king of this location a few years ago. It is once again aviv. By the way that is an inspectors inside joke.

And one more look at a domestic 2 row and 6 row barley field in the NW Negev that is aviv. Now look at the other signs in it. We have wild barley aviv and bowing. Those are the big beautiful heads in the forefront. And look at the wild oats blowing in the wind as well. They are empty hulls as is the pattern in a good location. The wild oats drop seeds about 2 weeks before the barley reaches true maturity when in good agricultural ground. Just a beautiful sight isn’t it you old timers! There are many similar ones this year in the Negev.

And let’s not forget or ignore in the process the incredible weather ahead for Jerusalem and the rest of the Country plays in it. Here is the 10-day forecast for Jerusalem starting with today. It wasn’t like that on Monday night up into Tuesday. Gramma would say: “it rained cats and dogs.” The maturing process will even escalate more rapidly now. That is a simple agricultural fact. With these high temps in Jerusalem at the top of the Judean Mountains just think of the heat in the lower level grain growing regions.

Once again, the NW Negev has clearly won the race to receive the crown of the First of the Firstfruits this year. It isn’t even close. Thousands of acres of barley and wheat have been cut in the past 2 weeks for silage and hay. There are still thousands of acres in and entering the dough stages still standing but will not be allowed to reach the age which they can be machine harvested: or in simple terms, 9-11 percent moisture content. Thus, thousands of acres of Leviticus 2:14 plus domestic grain to date. Also, large swaths of wild barley by itself in and at the aviv stage. Some past it as well, all growing in agriculturally used soils. Yes, it is the Month of Abib.

By the way I will get back with emails soon. Thanks for your patience, it’s been quite hectic. Someone tried to hack our email accounts but were caught before they could. Thus, I could not see them until returning home.

From Bridget, Brenda, Linda and myself we hope you have a wonderful festival season ahead. And as the saying goes: “until we meet again” our peace we give to you!


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