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Thursday March 28, 2024: Take 2

Hi Folks,

A hot one atop the Judean Mountains today and for the foreseeable future. Stunningly hot weather across the country from Father putting the finishing touches on this years Abib Growing Cycle.

But, as promised we are going to show you haw you can do what we do every year from afar. We are giving you lots of shortcuts to get started but not all of them. That will be up to you to complete what is started here today.

The first one we will start with is a key contributor to understanding the changing seasons in the Land. If you are like me, you will become enthralled with the hundreds of contributing photographs each week coming from some amazing people who live in as well as love the Land.

If you have never been to Israel, you will now get there in the best way outside of actually stepping foot in it. Actually, you will see every location from north to south and east to west on just this one link alone.

You will be able to watch the balance of the Abib Growing Cycle this year in real time from your own computer. They are closing in on 130,000 members.

You will need to answer 3 questions written in Hebrew unless you are smarter than me and find them in English. What I do is copy and paste them to a Hebrew to English translator on the internet, google translate, and then answer the question in English. That is an old guy’s way of doing things. Once accepted into the group you will be like a kid with a new toy.

Its name is: Nature Israel

Below is what you will see as an example after you open the Page. Make sure you click on the most relevant tab and select most recent then you will have everything in order of it being posted.

The contributors usually post location and time they took the photos. Some are just one, and some contain many dozens of them.

Once you find people who put up photos you are interested in you can chose to follow them as well. That’s what I do and have many, many, that come across without need of searching them out. They are eager to talk about their photos so you can have conversations with them to get simple questions answered.

I will give folks some time to get set up with this source and get you some of the contributors I personally follow.


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