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Thursday March 28, 2024: Take 3

Hi Guys once again,

Now for Instagram: here is the link. If it does not work just copy and paste.

Once you get an account set up it will look similar to the first picture below.

Over time you will select locations and people who are on Instagram and post regularly. I have many. You locate them by the circled search logo on the left which I have circled. You can type in a name or location. Be very specific.

The second picture is an example of what I do when wanting a specific location in Israel.

I type in the name of the town or location such as Negev, or Golan, etc. The more specific you are the better the chance of getting photos relevant to a small area. There will be many pop ups regardless and you look for the insignia in front of most of the ones I have in the already searched column above. It has a little dot in it. That sign defines an actual town or Kibbutz, etc.

You can choose to follow a location just like a person. That way anything that is posted with that “tag” will be sent to you to look at on your main page like the one we started with above.

It’s all that simple guys. Build your own network from there.

If you have any questions remember to use the email address if you actually want to contact us.

We do not open requests to post for this site is a non-posting information site only. If you have included a “preview” in the request we will look at that so we know what you are saying: whether; good, bad, or indifferent.

Our peace we give to you.


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