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Thursday October 12, 2023

Hi Folks,

Some of you guys are concerned about sighting the crescent in Israel this coming Monday October 16th after sunset.

To put your mind at rest, that is the end of the 30th day since last being seen on Saturday October 16th after sunset.

This one is a done deal regardless of what is reported!

And no, the 29th day is beyond impossible to see so don't waist your time to satisfy someones stupidity in such things.

Monday evening will have a visibility of 153.3 and thus will be difficult not to see if you are attempting to. Only heavy cloud cover will prevent it for at 153.3 it has a long lag time (54 minutes). The haze line which is normal for this time of year should not be an issue. However, if humidity were to reach 70% at sunset it could pose and issue. Good practice stuff to watch for future reference.

By the way, planting is still going along well even in these difficult times in Israel.

Our peace we give to you.


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