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Thursday September 14, 2023

Hi Folks,

We hope life in The Way is proving a blessing to you. With all the really foolish talk from some of the prognosticators about rains these days I though it would be good to update you all on what is taking place in that regard. It is sad to see so many folks falling for bait and switch these days from the queens in the Land. Here is an informative article from the folks at the IMS. They do a good job at keeping us informed about meteorological events and conditions in Israel and around the Eastern Mediterranean Sea as well. That's important. Always remember the Bible speaks of 3 types of rain in the Land. We have the early rain (a blessing), the latter rain (a blessing) and then rain out of season (a curse). Those are just simple facts. The current rain event in the Land is the result of a storm named Daniel which has devastated some regions of the EM. Italy and Greece were the first two EM countries to be hit with this violent storm which is completely out of season. As Daniel swung south and east it elongated and encompassed the North Africa coast. It was devastating. In Libya alone over 6,000 people were killed in the resulting floods with whole villages disappearing in the ragging waters. As Daniel moved further east it lost much of its intensity and crossed over the Delta (Nile) and into southern Israel. Take note of the areas in that location which received some nice rains. Many of you will know that it is called barley alley by us. That is because the entire length of Route 232 is lined with fields of wild and domestic barley. Is this rain out of season for the Land? Not based on the pattern which started setting up a little less than a dozen years ago. However it is not the Biblical early rains either. If Daniel had have hit with only a portion of its previous intensity it would have definitely have been a curse. So what does this mean when it comes to barley? A lot! Neither of the reporting queens understand hydrology. But af6ter reading this they may jump on the bandwagon. It is a very big deal in Israel with the varying land contours and soil types. These rains did not run off but were absorbed into the soil across the swath of barley alley. With the declining temperatures we will see in that region and there still being some ground cover because of some nice gentle rains the past few months we are watching a pattern set up for the start of the Biblical Calendar year next March. For that to happen on March 12th we will need events like this taking place in the traditionally early areas for both wild and domestic barley. That is a fact we have demonstrated for many, many years. The early rains will be coming at the normal times as they always do. If we see violent downpours with destructive rain, hail, and winds, that is not a sign of things are well. It is our Elohim very clearly exhibiting Their displeasure with goings on in the Land. That is exactly what took place in the harvest at the beginning of this years cycle in Israel and in fact continued on into the summer. It is sad to see some falling prey to the queen of the south attempting to justify her really dumb declaration as to the start of her cycle by claiming the out of season rains prove her to be correct. That can only be justified in a mind of Biblical stupor as Paul so adequately instructs us. A lot of folks are asking about the crescent observation after sunset on Sabbath the 16th. I will put together a post tomorrow most likely on the subject. Maybe I will also include the simple method of identifying a new moon in Jerusalem from your current location when you are not in the Land.

Our peace we give to you.


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