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Tuesday April 5, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

As you may recall we were going to hang up the reporting for this cycle outside of any major news worthy events.

Some of you guys are asking where are the fields of golden colored domestic grain with wild barley growing in them? There don't appear to be any pictures being posted?

That is a very true and accurate assessment. The reason is there are very little to none available at this time. Remember Father held up the growth cycle for close to a month. However in 2 weeks that will change dramatically.

Israel is going through a sustained heat wave for this time of the year. The grain will now rapidly go through the last 3 stages of Zadoks growth scale. It is a simple pattern when meteorological conditions like the current ones exist in the Land. We have recorded it for you to look at in the reports from many of the years past.

So many events of this seasons grain growing cycle remind us of 2005.

So, we promised some pictures so here are a few from the past couple of days which give us a good understanding of the maturity level of the acceptable grain. Remember, no goat grass allowed. It once again has proven to be a false witness for those who do not know its pattern, purpose, or reference in scripture.

The first picture is from the southern rim of the Jezreel Valley grain growing region. It is domestic grain and it is about 2-3 weeks away from the minimum standard for harvesting. Notice 2 different species of grain here. But also notice the similarity in growth timing.

The next picture is from a few miles away from the first. Notice that the wild barley growing in this winter wheat field of good soils is in the flowering stages as it should be at this elevation.

Now lets transfer over to the grain growing region of the South.

In this first of two pictures please notice how the fields here are transitioning to a lighter color from their youthful green color. This is what the grain growing region of the South looks like at this time. Remember the higher elevated portions of the field start this transition first.

If you can zoom in you will see wild barley growing throughout and towering over the domestic grain. If this were a field of only wild barley it would be ready by Passover to harvest a wavesheaf offering from.

In this next photo you can see fields transitioning to the dough stages more so than in the preceding one. Just behind the gentleman in the picture you see some oats which have already dropped and some wild barley entering and in the dough stages.

It is important that we once again emphasis the difference between wild barley growing in good soils which is designated as harvestable in scripture, and wild barley (goat grass) growing in stony soils which is defined as not harvestable. Those are the instructions which our Savior Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah left us as a guide.

Either we believe Him or we do not. The majority of goat grass is past aviv at this time. The false witness has once again fooled some brethren.

With the current hot and dry weather encompassing the Land we will see lots of pictures being posted of grain fields bursting into their colors of maturity in the next few weeks.

What we will do is post some of them as the growing season moves along. But please make the effort yourselves to do so as well.

Everything is as it should be.

Our Peace we give to you!


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