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Tuesday April 9, 2024: Day 10 in the count and day 29 in the month of Abib.

Good Morning Folks,

Those of you who have learned to judge the age of a field of grain through photos and videos are quite inspiring. So to your questions and observation.

Yes, to have 6 fields in that state of aviv, Leviticus 2:14 took place weeks ago in at least 3 of them. Very good job guys!

And yes, Devorah has learned the terminology and its application in the field well. Now she only needs to have here eyes opened to its intended application in scripture. Something to pray about.

Thinks are looking pretty good to see the crescent after sunset in Israel today. Some rain here and there still but looks like it will clear out by then in many locations.

The Land in spots has been getting a well needed drink from Heaven after this amazing stretch of harvest weather over the past two weeks. It needs more rain but that is completely in Fathers hands.

Here are 4 photos of it from around the upper Central and Coast areas to the North.

Then 2 more fields of spelt. Which is the older? Use what you have been learning you newer guys.

Then we have 13 photos from around the country's grain growing belts. Now, who can pick out the fields that are machine ready to harvest for grain? Of course well past Leviticus 2:14 for weeks.

Once again, remember some of these locations did not qualify for the First of the Firstfruits crown this year but are runner ups. Then others harvested weeks ago as we have been witnessing to.

Once again good job on being forensic picture and video inspectors as to the age of grain in the Land.

Our peace we give to you!


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