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Tuesday August 2, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

Many of you are interested in seeing more pictures of the start of the grape harvest in the Land. Here are several more which can give you a pattern of how the vineyards mature to harvest. And yes, to the few naysayers, there is a pattern to it just as there is to the barley and wheat harvests.

The first two pictures are from the Yerucham Winery south of Beersheva. They were taken on July 29th and as we stated last week the harvest in the deep south has been underway for all the early varieties.

The 3rd picture is from our friends at the Galai Winery in the NW Negev earlier today. They are letting everyone know their harvest is almost upon them.

We are hoping this will assist those of you who actually track the seasons progression in Israel. This years harvest should last up through September across the various growing regions based on the current meteorological conditions.


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Monday October 10, 2022

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