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Tuesday August 22, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

We hope you are watching the amazing displays of spiritual stupor coming from the queen of the south and others.

Some of you have had your questions answered in private as you followed the rules of this Page. The only way you can ensure getting a question answered is by using our email address listed at the very top of the Facebook Page. At times we can see what it is you want in a request to post if is has a preview with it. But keep in mind all requests to post are deleted.

One of you asked a very pertinent question about the claim the 2 proselyte fake witnesses of July and August have put forth for their most recent falsehood. They state they watched the new moon go behind a building and disappear. At least that is what the queen of the south has said.

Can that happen under the conditions present that night?


Why you may ask?

Because that evening there was not a blockage of vision due to cloud cover in Jerusalem (that was the case in the north only). If there had have been then it may be likely one could wait it out and get a glimpse of the crescent.

The issue of the evening in question was the haze. It started building rapidly in the early afternoon and did not stop. (Remember who is in control of such things to bring about His desired outcome). Some of you have stood in Jerusalem looking for the new moon with us under similar

meteorological conditions. You know under such, that it is difficult to see a much brighter moon (up to 130 visibility rating) if it has a lag time under one hour. That is a simple fact. You also know that when the haze has built throughout the day like this one did that the lower you go down into it, the thicker and denser it gets. Once again a simple fact we have gained from many years of looking for the crescent in the region around and in Jerusalem.

So here is the simple rule when one has meteorological conditions like the evenings of July 18th and August 17th. If you do not spot the new crescent in the upper levels of the haze there is absolutely no way you will in its lower levels with your naked eye. That is why Roy uses his binocular setup to sight it before it gets too far into the haze. He has been recording a threshold of potential visibility under these conditions for decades now. So have I.

There are many other questions that you may have in regard to these last two sightings so use the prescribed method of getting them to us. And then you need to let us know if you would like them shared on this Page or the answers given privately.

Let us all not lose focus of the debacles that have been taking place during this current Abib Calendar Growth Cycle.

We had the queen of the north grifting (deceiving) her followers into keeping it a month too early by using anemic wild barley which in fact is representative of the Completely Removed Goat of Atonement. An imposter. To make matters worst she now is convincing these babes and tares that they do not need to use the sun and the moon. Actually read her statement yourself:

Sabbath August 19, 2023

The grifter dim wit published this about 9 hours ago:

“The Biblical Calendar is about two things: The first Adam's fall into sin. The second Adam's victory over that condition. If we make the calendar about ANYTHING else: luminaries, equinox-equilux, math, science a computer program that predicts the moon we are totally lost in our understanding.”

I will say it again, you can't make this stuff up. There is a lot more but the point is made abundantly clear to one who has the spirit of Father and Christ/Messiah working with them. And yes to the question, she is keeping the 7th month currently and yes she did have her devoted keep it a day early as well.

Now to the queen of the south's part in this cycle.

She had her followers start the year a month late. That means they will not be keeping the 7th month starting until October 16th. Many people who do reporting of new moon sightings in Israel have followed her erroneous declarations these past two months causing brethren to stumble in their walk. They are not following the Lamb of Fathers household, but a fake lamb being presented as authentic.

Lets not forget her most recent display of spiritual stupor and vanity. She has tried to explain away the 31 days between two proclaimed sightings. It is dumbfounding to read her explanation to support herself and her decisions. It in itself is explaining 31 days not 30. But never fear the queen of the north has come to her rescue by saying we can't use any mathematics so do not confuse deception and spiritual stupor with facts. Imagine that, a Calendar without any math. Every Calendar is conceived and recorded in mathematics, or if you wish, arithmetic.

What a year for the books as the saying goes. That would be the Book of Life. Some are being written in this cycle and some being kept from it, hopefully not written out. The trials and tribulations of the end of the age. Some are causing little ones to stumble and in their prideful arrogance will not stop.

Once again, if you have pertinent questions send them over by email and we will address them. Keep safe in our Lord and Savior and continue to grow in His and Fathers favor, acceptance, and knowledge. Now, keep in mind, not all spiritual stupor is outside the Body.

Our peace we give to you.


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