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Tuesday August 29, 2023

Good morning Folks, Here is the rain summary from the IMS. Take note of their speaking to a pattern building for the past 20 years. This is important for it influences the timing of growth cycles in the Land. We have been speaking to it and following it ourselves for over a decade now as it affects which region of the country we will potentially find the first of the firstfruits of barley. You old timers will remember that for the first 10-12 years of our inspections in the Land that the South (the lower Jordan Valley is all anemic goat grass) would win the early crown for the first of the firstfruit barley wavesheaf. Look back now and you will see that started changing as well some 10-12 years back with the middle or central grain growing region stepping in to the winners circle. You can find all the locations in our Abib Reports for each of the given years on our website: That is why we have been so flexible in our searches around the country for so long. It is through those early endeavors that we have established many traditionally early fields in every grain growing region in the Land. And just think, we have done all of this for so many years without asking for or taking a penny from any of you. This is not about money, but about a way of life in our calling. Freely you have received, so freely you shall give and share. Thank you Father! We hope you are putting these things together for a future use. Patterns are very important as most understand for it is through patterns in scripture and in creation that our Elohim instruct us. Our peace we give to you.


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