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Tuesday February 27, 2024

Hi Folks,

We are hoping your work week is going as planned and even more so.

It is obvious from what we are sent that some folks do not have a clue about identifying the MONTH of Abib. Please keep this in focus: it is a month; not a day, or a week. That is very important to understand.


Because our loving Elohim have placed many Biblical witnesses in the BEGINNING of that month to hold up the two arms of the barley and the sheep (also goats) so there is no doubt what the timing of those 29 or 30 days are each and every yearly cycle.

Thus we can be absolutely assured we are in the right month which is the transition from winter to summer in the Land as scripture instructs us.

There are a total of 10 witnesses given to us in the Bible, yes the entirety of the Bible. We stand on two legs not just one as so many are being lured into doing these days. Are you aware that birds are 40% of the witnesses that migrate in and through the Land during the Month of Abib.

They are returning to nest or to migrate through to their northern summer nesting grounds at this time.

The white stork, the swift, the swallow, and turtle dove. Jeremiah 8:7 if you are not aware of it, is just one location giving testimony to this. They all have a specific moed, appointed time to do so.

What we currently have are the Pelicans and the black storks and migrating cranes entering the Land from their wintering grounds in Africa. They always precede the White Storks just as they are doing in this 12th month, of this Biblical Year once again.

As of several days ago we have had the groups of migrating Pelicans traveling up through the Land.

As of yesterday we have had the first waves of black storks mixed with cranes entering the Land and moving northward. Its getting close to white stork time folks. Remember these guys don't form spires assenting into the sky, but form waves like geese when migrating.

Now remember what flower in the Land heralds in stage 5 of the grain based on Zadoks Code and accompanies it up through all the head growth stages. Here are 3 hints.

Next is a grain field at a high elevation. We thought you would like to see how farmers work around areas of stone content to put in a crop.

And now a photo of a very nice location which has heads moving along in the growth stages. It will be ready by end of month and not sooner. But! look at the angle of the sun once again and what that does to the heads of grain. It makes them look golden even though they are green.

How do you know that the suns angle is low seeing how you can't see it will no doubt arise?

First by knowing this pattern at this time of year, and two; look at the shadows of the trees. Sun is low in her cycle. Remember to examine the evidence. That is what good Bereans would do.

And one more photo of nice headed grain taking on the morning ray illusions of color.

Our peace we give to you.


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