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Tuesday January 16, 2024: Take 2

Back again folks,

The splendor and beauty of the Promised Land is such a treasure to us to behold from afar. Technology here at the end of the age has a duel purpose.

It is such a small country but it is the home to 7 different and distinct climatic zones. When we first understood this from our travels across it from north to south and from east to west we were introduced to a treasure trove of knowledge when it came to determining the timing of the grain cycle season located in many of them. It is no coincidence scripture states there is a 7 week barley harvest from Wavesheaf Day which occurs during the 7 days of UB through to Pentecost. Well, it technically ends at sunset on the completion of the 49th day which is always a 7th day Sabbath. Imagine all of that.

For the poor dumbed down and deceived souls who believe that Passover and UB can't start until after the barley harvest they can have another try at understanding the pattern of it: the next time around in the sequencing of the Plan of Salvation for mankind.

Now onto a promise given which is a mainstay of winter in the Land and Hermon in her winter glory and more.

Our peace we give to you!


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