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Tuesday July 26, 2022

Hi Folks,

We hope your summer is going well and you are busy harvesting your summer vegetables. That is the main effort in Israel at this time as well.

Our blueberries are winding down here in Kendall but everything else is flourishing with bountiful pickings.

Requests have started coming in as to the upcoming grape harvest in the Israel. The latest is from Michael today, and a request to update on the status of the wheat harvest as well.

Lets start with the grapes. Attached is a photo from the Tulip Winery in the Golan Heights from yesterday. They will be starting with their early varieties in approximately 2 weeks. Keep in mind they are in the North and they utilize the effects of the Sea of Galilee against the backdrop of the mountains to produce abundant harvests.

There are several wineries which are just starting the early varieties for test patches further south. Training time for new recruits.

We are expecting the full brunt of the harvest will be underway shortly from the central section of the Land to the South. Of course the irrigated vineyards of the deep south have been harvested to some extent, but they do not figure into the timing of things for us personally.

The wheat harvest has been completed across the country several weeks ago. What you see now is the straw rolled and stored in the fields. Here are a few pictures of what that looks like from around the Land.

We will keep you posted when the grape harvest is well under way.

Also for the new folks, if you have a question or comment to us, you need to use the email address on the page here. We do not open any requests to post through the facebook page. Thus we have no idea what you would be asking.

Keep safe in our Lord and be a shinning light on a hill.


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