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Tuesday July 4, 2023

Good morning Folks,

We are hoping your walk is going well. As some of you guys know from time to time we post articles from They do a good job on reporting on the suns daily activity as to sun spots, etc. They also report on the 11 year sun cycle which we also speak about from time to time on our website and facebook page.

This cycle is very instrumental in bringing about the variations in many growing cycles through meteorological conditions. As some may know we are coming off a very deep solar minima and crashing full speed into an intense solar maxima. I wonder why ElNino is delayed?

Notice the last time this occurred was in 2002. That is the first year we traveled to Israel to conduct barley inspections after having done so for several years from afar. We have shown you that methodology used then and now and how accurate it is. For those few of you still around from 2002 you will remember I was the only one who insisted we would find a normal year taking place. All the Christian and Karaite inspectors thought differently. The solar maxima we had entered said differently and I watched the build up signs in it and the growth cycle and meteorological conditions that year before the trip and they all said the same thing. A normal year ahead.

We have been left many tools here at the end of the age when knowledge will increase through technology. Use it well, it is here for us all to use but only under the terms and conditions already in place in the Biblical Abib Calendar Cycle.

Here is a short update on the cycle from the folks at If you remember we suggested this would be happening in this intensity 2 years ago in relation to this Abib growing cycle. No not prophets, just following the patterns of such in the timeline of events at the end of the age.

SUNSPOT COUNTS HIT A 21-YEAR HIGH: The sun is partying like it's 2002. That's the last time sunspot counts were as high as they are now. The monthly average sunspot number for June 2023 was 163, according to the Royal Observatory of Belgium's Solar Influences Data Analysis Center. This eclipses every month since Sept. 2022:

Above: This plot is based on NOAA's interactive Solar Cycle Progression. Check it out!

Solar Cycle 25 wasn't expected to be this strong. When it began in Dec. 2019, forecasters believed it would be a weak cycle akin to its immediate predecessor Solar Cycle 24. If that forecast had panned out, Solar Cycle 25 would be one of the weakest solar cycles in a century.

Instead, Solar Cycle 25 has shot past Solar Cycle 24 and may be on pace to rival some of the stronger cycles of the 20th century. The last time sunspot numbers were this high, the sun was on the verge of launching the Great Halloween Storms of 2003, which included the strongest X-ray solar flare ever recorded (X45), auroras as far south as Texas, and a CME so powerful it was ultimately detected by the Voyager spacecraft at the edge of the solar system.


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