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Tuesday March 19, 2024: Take 2

Hi Folks,

Hoping your work week is going in the right direction.

Back in from a trip around the south ridge of the Jezreel Valley and the Jordan up to Gesher.

Lots of rain today. I have a weak band width where I am staying so can't load some videos. One is near our Yizre'el site at 60 and 675. it is back to the west and is a field of red strain barley dominating a wheat field. They shatter in your hand when pressure applied. Nice video but later.

There are a lot of wheat fields in the dough stages with heads turning. I have some I could get through but not all.

Lots of figs popping.

Here are some representative photos of the more advanced locations. Lots of fields from a distance with the rain today. Lots of mud.

The wild barley in the domestic locations shown here were all in dough stages.

The last one is a still of the red strain location.

Anything else will probably have to wait until I get back home.

Our peace we give to you.


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