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Tuesday May 2, 2023

Good Morning Folks,

Some of you missed the weather this past weekend in the Land. Actually specific to the North. Keep in mind this was the weekend the queen of The North declared as her "Shavuot" Sunday which actually takes place May 26 if I remember correctly.

As we have been explaining recently she believes as do some of you that shavuot is an acceptable name change for Pentecost even though the term is not found in the original scriptural commands. It is a function of Judaism. No amount of smoke and mirrors and props will change that.

Please read down through the summary of the events of Sunday. There was even snow in the lower elevations of Hermon! Yes, not just the top but in the foothills as well. Now, there is a Pentecost to remember eh!

Father is not conducting these weather events for her to recognize her error. It is for some of the ones who have been deceived by her, and her declarations as to the calendar. All the other props and declarations are of no significance. They are a PT Barnum show.

If you would like an account of what Father has done in that regard this Abib Cycle just look to the April summary here at the IMS. Listen to what they are saying and when the 2 major events took place and the unusual weather events in March and April. (Maybe we will do an update on those so everyone does not forget at a future date.) Then look at the timing of the two queens declarations. This is not a coincidence folks. If you think that, you are one who probably believes the children of Israel crossed through the knee deep Reed Sea.

As a little kid once said, if that was the case it was even a bigger miracle because all of Pharaohs army with their horses etc. drowned in knee deep water.

Lets not be ignorant of how Father and Christ/Messiah work to get our attention.

We hope your count is being blessed in many ways.

Our peace we give to you!


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