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Tuesday September 6, 2022

Good Morning Folks,

We have another witness arriving to declare the time of year for us in the Promised Land. Timing is everything with our Elohim.

We are hoping some of you have been following through on the continuing grape harvest. Looking more and more like an exceptional year of harvest in some locations. Unfortunately some will be leaving it all to rot on the vine so they can attend the festival rehearsal of Tabernacles because they started the 7th month of the queen of the north last new moon in August.

We are actually getting anxious now for the start of the 7th month and the keeping of the appointed times of meeting with our Elohim.

For some of you folks who follow the delusions of the queen of the north there is still time to listen to all the witnesses in creation declaring to you that you are doing so out of season.

Follow the Lamb wherever He goes, not the queen of the north, and little dopey and the fake levite.


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Monday October 10, 2022

Hi Folks, We hope you all are having, or will be having, a happy Feast of Tabernacles/Ingathering! By all accounting you are either into the first day, or will be at sunset tonight, or tomorrow night.


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