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Tuesday September 6, 2022

Good morning for the 3rd time today. Saw a share that Donnie Young put up from the grape harvest post earlier today.

Thanks Donnie for knowing these patterns as they apply in scripture. So many of you do. We here at the site could add lots of scriptures to what we post but, we are hoping others will pick up that torch as the Young's have done today. The accuracy of the truth can wither a false witness every time for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Here is their quote:

You shall keep the Feast of Booths seven days, when you have gathered in the produce from your threshing floor and your wine press. Deuteronomy 16:13 Every year people begin the annual feasts early for one reason or another. Hopefully this passage helps people to understand Tabernacles is to take place after both the grain harvest and the wine harvest. The LORD has been gracious in giving us markers here on earth to confirm the feast days. Please do not ignore the markers provided. He would not have given them if they did not matter.

There are a lot of brothers and sisters listening to the cold and chilling winds of calendar doctrine coming from the north of the Promised Land. We are our brothers keeper, please do not ever forget.

That is one of the two main reasons which drives us to keep this site going. It would be all too easy to return to the cave and wait it all out.

Thank you for loving Father and Son.


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Monday October 10, 2022

Hi Folks, We hope you all are having, or will be having, a happy Feast of Tabernacles/Ingathering! By all accounting you are either into the first day, or will be at sunset tonight, or tomorrow night.


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